Firework dragon

firework dragon

How do I breed a Firework Dragon | DragonVale. Archived Content Hey! We don't play DragonVale much anymore, so this info might be out of. The Firework Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Fire. A limited edition dragon to celebrate July 4th. It's available only until July 20th. You can bred a Firework Dragon by crossing a Fire Dragon with an Air Dragon. Affiliated Sites Request Forum. Aidan Papas cakeria Azul Blaze Blinky Boone Borogoves Breezy Bryllyg Buzz Chuck Cinder Cookie Crackle Crimson Cucoo Dancer Deepfyre Drake Fafnir Fang Flapper Flaps Flicker Flint Fluffy Gale Geoff Goddard Gunther Gusty Helen Huey Inferno Jabber Kraka Kukul Law Leo Loki Lucy Manfred Mimsy Mist Nestor Nithogg Orville Pele Polly Pompy Pyro Raths Redgaze Rex Scales Sear Singe Skye Skytooth Slythe Smokey Smolder Snap Sol Speedy Spike Steve Stratos Toa Toasty Torchy Tornado Vesuvius Vulcan Whispy Wilbur Wispy Wocky Yeager. Treasure Coins Gems Treats. Friend Requests Cooperative Breeding Requests Game Center. Elements Plant Fire Earth Cold Lightning Water Air Metal Light Dark Gemstone Crystalline Epic Galaxy. firework dragon


DragonVale How to Breed FireWork Dragon

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